Biden Blasts McConnell And Senate GOP As Hypocritical And Disgraceful

Biden said that not only are Senate Republicans refusing to do their jobs, but they are hypocritically blocking Senate Democrats from doing their own jobs.

Biden: McConnell And Senate Republicans Are Hypocritical And Disgraceful


President Biden said:

They say Democrats should do it alone. But then, they are threatening to use a procedural power called the filibuster, men that we’d have to get 60 votes. Not 50 votes, to increase the debt limit. This would block the Democrats from meeting their obligations and responsibilities to prevent congress from raising the debt limit.

 So let’s be clear. Not only are Republicans refusing to do their job. They are threatening to use their power to prevent us from doing our job, saving the economy from a catastrophic event. I think, quite frankly, it is hypocritical, dangerous and disgraceful. Their obstruction and their responsibility knows absolutely no bounds, especially as we were clawing our way out of this pandemic. Democrats will meet our responsibility, and obligation to this country. We are not expecting Republicans to do their part. 

President Biden Is Using His Bully Pulpit

Biden is making sure that the entire country will know who is to blame if the nation defaults. The President was correct. Senate Republicans are disgraceful, dangerous, hypocrites.

It is one thing for Republicans to refuse to raise the debt limit, but by stopping Democrats from raising the debt limit, they are putting the nation at risk.

Biden had to spend most of the early part of his first year in office dealing with the pandemic, but now he is beginning to be able to use the presidential bully pulpit to shape the national conversation and put pressure on Republicans.

Monday’s speech was a different Joe Biden, who is willing to call people out while fighting for his agenda and the country.

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