Stephanie Grisham Admits She Did Not Vote For Trump In 2020

Stephanie Grisham was OK with working for Donald Trump ― but not willing to vote for him.

The former White House press secretary told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Tuesday that she did not cast a ballot for Trump during the 2020 presidential election — you know, the one he keeps baselessly insisting that he won.

“You talk about how you wish there had been some sort of third option for you to vote for. You didn’t support Biden and his policies, but you had real misgivings about Donald Trump at that point and you wished there had been another Republican you could vote for because you’re a conservative Republican,” Tapper said. “Did you vote for Donald Trump in 2020?”

“I did not,” Grisham admitted, adding that she wrote in the name of a different candidate, one she declined to name.

Tapper also asked Grisham why anyone should trust anything she says now, since she had admitted to lying while working at the White House.

She said that she wants to show how “disillusioned” a “true believer” such as herself became while working for Trump.

“I’m really trying to be as open and honest as possible,” she said. “I don’t spare many people but I also am very, very hard on myself. I am not out for any kind of redemption. I just wanted to lay out a book.”

Grisham also told Tapper she is willing to appear before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection if asked to do so. 

“Yes. I would cooperate if they reached out. I have had a couple of very casual conversations about it. I haven’t been formally asked,” Grisham said. “But yes, I would cooperate if needed, absolutely.”

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