Sudan Prime Minister’s house surrounded and top government officials reportedly arrested

It is unclear if the military is there to protect Hamdok, of if he is under house arrest in the capital

Various top government officials have also reportedly been arrested and taken to prison by men wearing military police uniforms, according to witnesses to the arrests posting on social media as well as Reuters and other media on the ground, citing unnamed government sources.

Those arrested reportedly include government ministers and members of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan. CNN cannot independently verify the arrests.

Witnesses said as of Monday morning, demonstrators are gathering in the streets of the capital in protest of the arrests, lighting bonfires and setting up roadblocks.

It comes after the Sudan Professionals’ Association, a Sudanese pro-democratic political group, called on people to take to the streets to resist “the military coup.”

Internet monitoring site NetBlocks has reported internet disruption in Sudan on Monday, saying “Sudan amid reports of military coup and detention of Prime Minister; real-time network data show national connectivity at 34% of ordinary levels; incident ongoing.”

A source in Khartoum told CNN calls are not connecting for people in Sudan and the internet is down.

This is a developing story.

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