The 2020 Voter Fraud Has Been Found And It Was Committed By Republicans

An analysis of the claims from Trump that dead people voted in the 2020 election found that those that did occur all voted for Donald Trump.

There Was  2020 Voter Fraud By Trump Voters

Via: The Washington Post:

The latest example involves a man in Nevada who said someone had voted in the name of his dead wife, Rosemarie Hartle. This was hailed widely on conservative media. It was the case the Nevada GOP said showed the “concrete” evidence of irregularities. We learned late last week that there might have been fraud involved, but the alleged fraud was perpetrated by a Republican with ties to the Trump campaign. The man, Donald Kirk Hartle, has been charged with voting in his dead wife’s name.

The situation was much that same with another name the Trump campaign cited in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Bartman. Not long after it lifted that case up, Bartman’s son Bruce admitted he had registered and voted in his long-dead mother’s name to help Trump. He pleaded guilty.

Two others follow the pattern. Also, in Pennsylvania, registered Republican Francis Fiore Presto was charged with requesting and casting a ballot for his dead wife, Judy Presto. Also, in that state, the family of Denise Ondick said her ballot was filled out shortly before she died close to the election. A family member said their mother intended to vote for Trump.

Out Of The 11 Cases Of Dead People Voting That Republicans Claim To Have Found None Voted For Joe Biden.

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has been reminding people for months that the only voter fraud found in Pennsylvania was committed by Trump supporters. Out of the 11 cases of voter fraud that Trump and the Republicans claim to have found. Four of them were votes for Donald Trump, and seven of them were not voter fraud. None of them were votes for Joe Biden.

There Was No Substantial Election Swinging Voter Fraud In 2020.

As Republicans continue to use The Big Lie as their reasoning for taking away the vote from millions of voters, it is important to never forget that the only concrete evidence that exists of cheating in the 2020 election was committed by Republicans who were told by Trump that Democrats were cheating.

Investigation after investigation has revealed that there was no widespread voter fraud against Trump. It didn’t happen. The only voter fraud that has been found was Trump supporters voting for Trump., so in one respect, the fraud was found, but the person who benefited from it was Donald Trump.

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