Deborah Birx Defended Trump, Now She Says His COVID Neglect Killed Hundreds Of Thousands

Dr. Deborah Birx told a House Coronavirus subcommittee that hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been prevented with federal mask mandates and restrictions.

Birx: One-Third Of COVID First Wave Deaths Were Preventable.


Q: And what was the impact of the failure to implement the measures to the extent that you felt was needed?

A: Well, it’s difficult to give you a statistical answer on that and a number. But
when I start looking at states that had some of the different mitigation pieces utilized, when they had very similar demographics across states and looking at states that are similar, ones that had mask mandates versus those that didn’t have mask mandates, there was about anywhere between a 10 to 15 percent increase in fatalities for those without a mask mandate. …

 I believe if we had fully implemented the mask mandates, the reduction in
indoor dining, the getting friends and family to understand the risk of
gathering in private homes, and we had increased testing, that we probably
could have decreased fatalities into the 30 percent less to 40 percent less

Q: You said you thought 30 to 40 percent fewer fatalities.

A: If you had done all of the parameters perfectly.

Q: And that’s not a full lockdown; it’s the things that you were recommending by the time late fall came?

A: Yes.

A: So, really, we’re talking about the 400,000 [deaths after the first wave]. So, yes,I’m talking about a third of those, I think, could have been prevented with optimal mitigation across this country.

Trump Killed More Than 133,000 Americans And Deborah Birx Helped.

A member of Trump’s own coronavirus task forced admitted that Donald Trump killed Americans by not imposing federal mitigation measures.

Birx let her country down. She praised Trump’s COVID response on television. She didn’t go public and sound the alarm bells that Donald Trump was killing people.

In the midst of a pandemic, where she knew that people were needlessly dying, Deborah Birx did not speak out.

She protected Trump instead of the American people. Deborah Birx is not a hero, but a cause of why so many unnecessary deaths occurred.

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