The Dam Breaks As At Least 5 Former Trump Officials Spill To The 1/6 Committee

Without the power of the presidency to threaten people, former Trump officials are talking to the 1/6 Committee.

Trump Officials Are Coming Forward To Talk Voluntarily

CNN reported:

Those discussions come as lawyers working for the committee have also reached out to a range of other Trump aides to inquire whether they would be interested in speaking with the committee voluntarily, without the threat of a subpoena.

The Steve Bannon Contempt Referral Has Already Worked.

The reality is that Steve Bannon and people in Trump’s circle of his ilk have money, but most people who worked in the White House don’t, and fighting a committee subpoena in court is very expensive. Many people who could potentially be called before the committee can’t afford the fight.

Any witness who might have been on the fence about talking to the committee probably made up their mind very quickly after seeing Steve Bannon get referred to the Department of Justice.

Many of the people coming forward aren’t material witnesses,  but they can provide context to the committee and help them fill in the blanks about what was going on at the White House on January 6.

Trump can’t threaten people anymore. He has no power over those who used to work in his administration. It is now every person for themselves, and there is nothing that Trump can do to stop people from coming forward.

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