Republicans Who Voted For Infrastructure Threatened After Marjorie Taylor Greene Published Their Phone Numbers

The 13 House Republicans who voted for infrastructure were subjected to what was described as vicious and violent threats after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene published their phone numbers.

The Punchbowl AM Newsletter described the situation:

GOP hardliners such as Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Madison Cawthorn (N.C.), and Matt Gaetz (Fla.), among others, have called for retaliation against those 13 Republicans, including stripping their committee assignments or ranking-member posts. Greene posted their office phone numbers online, leading to a wave of vicious or threatening phone calls. Former President Donald Trump branded some — but not all — of the group as “RINOs” who should be “ashamed of themselves.”

Republicans Terrorize Fellow Republicans For Working With Democrats

The message is that anyone who cooperates with Democrats will be risking their lives. It is amazing that President Biden and Speaker Pelosi were able to get any Republican support in the House for the infrastructure bill, given the knowledge of the Republican backlash against bipartisanship.

Targeting their members for retaliation is not only terrible for unity in the caucus, but it also ensures that there will be zero chance of getting any cooperation from Democrats if Republicans ever fully return to power.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of Trump’s favorite lackeys. He recently complained about House Minority Leader not “treating her well.”

If House Republicans win the majority, they will immediately implode, and the House will return to being the dysfunctional dumpster fire that was unable to accomplish anything that it was the last time the GOP had the majority.

The difference will be that domestic political terrorists like Marjorie Taylor Greene will be in the majority, and Trump will demand that they be rewarded with power.


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