Train Slices Amazon Delivery Truck In Half, Driver Miraculously Survives

Alexander Evans’ vehicle was struck on a crossing near Ixonia, west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on his 33rd birthday on Wednesday.

“Yeah, it just, boom,” he told WISN-12. (Watch the video above).

Evans, who is deaf in his left ear, said he didn’t hear the train’s horn as he approached the crossing which, per WISN-12, has no warning lights or signals.

The father-of-two floored the gas pedal after realizing he’d likely be struck by the train that was traveling at around 80mph.

“Literally it was like one long beep, horn from the train and I put my foot on the gas, kind of like trying,” he recalled. “I don’t know how far I’m going to get away from him.”

Evans managed to drive the truck far enough over the crossing to avoid himself being hit by the train. The impact split the vehicle in half, with him safe in the front section. No one on the train was injured, reported WKOW.

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