Trump “Hiding Behind Lawyers” to Avoid 1/6 Committee

Joe Lockhart, the former White House Press Secretary to former President Bill Clinton, called former President Donald Trump a “coward,” saying he is “hiding behind lawyers” to avoid dealing with the House Select Committee tasked with investigating the events of January 6, the day a mob of Trump’s supporters stormed the United States Capitol to stop the certification of the 2020 general election results.

“One would think Trump would want to come to DC and take on the D’s. What a stage to own the libs,” Lockhart said in a tweet. “But he won’t because of executive privilege — give me a break he won’t testify because he is a coward. A coward. Afraid and hiding behind lawyers.” 

Trump has refused to comply with a subpoena from House investigators seeking records from the National Archives, including phone records and visitor logs. Trump has insisted that he can evoke executive privilege to avoid complying with the request.

Trump has accused the House committee of harboring political animus against him.

“The Leftist ‘select committee’ has further exposed itself as a partisan sham and waste of taxpayer dollars with a request that’s timed to distract Americans from historic and global catastrophes brought on by the failures of Joe Biden and the Democrats,” Trump said this summer. “These Democrats only have one tired trick—political theater—and their latest request only reinforces that pathetic reality.”

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