207 Republicans Voted Not To Punish White Supremacist Coup Plotter Paul Gosar

The entire House Republican caucus minus three members all voted against punishing Rep. Paul Gosar with a censure.

The Gosar Vote Was Preview Of A Potentially Ugly And Dangerous Future

It is easier to list the two Republicans who voted for censuring Gosar, Cheney and Kinsinger, than to list all of the 207 who voted against holding him accountable.

As DCCC Chair, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Today was a dark preview of what will happen if Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker — a world in which extremist Republicans who publicly fantasize about murdering their colleagues and violently attacking the President and attempt to start a white supremacist caucus can govern with total impunity. The GOP’s twisted values are downright dangerous for American families, and we’re going to make sure every voter knows it.”

Kevin McCarthy Will Never Stand Up To Republican Violent Extremists

The Gosar situation provided an opportunity for McCarthy to show what his leadership would look like if Republicans win back the House, and his performance has been so lacking in basic human decency that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called him out on the House floor.

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McCarthy wouldn’t lift a finger to punisher Gosar. He made Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats take action.

If Americans want a violent, white supremacist, extremist House majority, that is exactly what they will get if Republicans take over in 2023.

The vote on Gosar was Republicans telling all of America who they are, and what they stand for goes against the beliefs of 70% of the nation.

The House Minority Leader didn’t just fail at leadership. He failed his country.



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