Claire McCaskill Destroys “Disheveled Slob” And “Coward” Steve Bannon

Claire McCaskill called Steve Bannon a slob and a coward. She thought it was hilarious that Bannon is the face of Trump’s coup.


Former Sen. McCaskill said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

I think there’s something that is hysterically funny about the fact that Donald Trump, who was so focused on how people looked, that they are perfectly groomed and specially cast for the part. And this slob, this disheveled slob is his face. Nobody cutting a swath of handsomeness and crisply tailored suits. 

This guy looks like he just rolled out of bed with a hangover. It is ridiculous that this is the face of Donald Trump. And the other thing I find hysterical about today. First of all, we’re giving him a lot of attention. Hopefully, it goes away quickly. But guess what his defense is? A snivelly little coward, my lawyer told me to do it. He changed lawyers so he could blame his lawyer for his defense. Now, it wasn’t that I’m doing this for America and I have a right to stand up. My lawyer made me do it. What a little coward. It’s a joke.

Trump is the same person who complained that his domestic terrorists looked low class on TV. 

Donald Trump is the living embodiment of the shallowness of the 1980s, so it is neverendingly humorous that the face of his fight with the 1/6 Committee looks like he was just released from the county drunk tank.

Steve Bannon is a con man, and a grifter, and a proven thief. He is also one of the many bottom of the barrel scrapers in the Republican Party that is dependent on Trump.

Bannon is the real face of Trumpism in all of its thieving glory.

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