“It’s Time To Come Home”

Sen. Patrick Leahy announced his retirement on Monday as he will end his distinguished and long career in the Senate in 2022.


Sen. Leahy said:

I am proud to be Vermont’s longest-serving Senator because I know my time in the Senate has made a difference for Vermonters and often well beyond.  I know I have been there for my state when I was needed most.  I know I have taken our best ideas and helped them grow. I brought Vermont’s voice to the United States Senate and Vermont values across the world.

So yes, I am proud to be Vermont’s longest-serving Senator.  While I will continue to serve Vermont, Marcelle and I have reached the conclusion that it is time to put down this gavel.  It is time to pass the torch to the next Vermonter, who will carry on this work for our great state.  It’s time to come home.

Sen. Leahy is best known to political watchers for his 20 years either as Chair or the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In the current Congress, Sen. Leahy has been the chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee.

Senator Leahy has been a tireless advocate for small states, and he brought the sort of seriousness and decorum to the Senate that is lacking in many of the newer members.

Sen. Leahy was first elected to the Senate in 1975, He announced his retirement in the same room where he announced his first Senate campaign in 1974.

Leahy isn’t a Lindsey Graham/Ted Cruz camera chaser. He just served the people of Vermont for the longest-serving tenure in the state’s history.

Patrick Leahy was an old-school senator, and his presence will be missed in the Senate.

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