Rep. Paul Gosar’s Sister Says He Was A Co-Conspirator In Trump’s Coup And Needs To Be Expelled From Congress

Jennifer Gosar said that her brother was a co-conspirator in Trump’s coup and needs to be expelled from Congress.

Video of Jennifer Gosar on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

Gosar said, “ However for all of the information that we learned, I believe my brother to be a co-conspirator in the coup attempt. I think expulsion is the most appropriate next step after this but certainly, censure and committee stripping is a good start.”

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There is ample evidence that Rep. Gosar was involved in the 1/6 coup plot. Jennifer Gosar also said that her brother does care about being censured. He won’t be embarrassed by it, but losing his committee assignments is a consequence that he will care about.

The 1/6 Committee is probably going to name a lot of House Republican names, but those people won’t be able to be expelled from Congress without a 2/3 vote in the House, which would require Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans supporting kicking their own members out.

The odds that spineless McCarthy would ever put the country ahead of his lust to be Speaker are zero.

Democrats are doing everything that they can to punish Gosar, but if you want to know why he is still in the House, ask Kevin McCarthy.

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