Watch Speaker Pelosi Officially Censure Paul Gosar And Remove Him From Committees

By a vote of 223-207-1, Rep. Paul Gosar was censured and removed from his committee assignments. Here is Speaker Pelosi making his censure and removal official.


Pelosi said after the vote, “Will Representative Gosar present himself in the well?  By its adoption of House Resolution 789, the House has resolved that representative Paul Gosar of Arizona be censured. That representative Paul Gosar forthwith present himself in the well of the House for the pronouncement of censure. That Representative Paul Gosar be censured with the public reading of this resolution by the Speaker. And that representative Paul Gosar be and is hereby removed from the Committee on Natural Resources of and the Committee on Oversight And Reform.”

A group of House Republican criminals stood with Gosar in the House:

The list tweeted above is a who’s who of suspected coup co-conspirators. Republicans are already vowing revenge for the censure of Gosar, but the punishment is a good first step. Even the congressman from Arizona’s own family believes that he deserves to be expelled from the House.


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