Fox And Friends Melt Down Over Their Torched Christmas Tree

The Fox and Friends hosts had a meltdown and claimed that the torching of their Christmas tree was an attack on Christianity.


Steve Doocy asked, “Who sets a Christmas tree on fire?”

Ainsley Earhardt then proceeded to label the flaming Christmas tree an attack on Christianity, “It’s a tree that unites us, that brings us together. It’s about the Christmas spirit.  It’s about the holiday season. It’s about Jesus. It is about Hanukah. It’s about everything that we stand for as a country. Freedom and being able to worship the way that you want to worship. It makes me so mad.”

Doocy claimed that he doesn’t feel safe when he is limoed to and from work in New York City. Doocy went to say, “Today, there are no lights because somebody burned down our Christmas tree.”

Christmas trees have nothing to do with the birth of Christ. There were no decorated Christmas trees when Baby Jesus was born. Christmas trees are not a part of Hanukah, and Christmas trees are not even a Christian symbol. Christmas trees are pagan.

Fox and Friends managed to get the entire meaning of the Christmas tree wrong while claiming to be a show that is strong in Christianity.

The burning down of the Christmas tree was criminal and wrong, but the Fox and Friends gang were unintentionally hilarious, as they tried to spin the torched tree to fit their propaganda.

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