Fox News Gets Its War On Christmas As Man Burns Down Their Christmas Tree

For decades Fox News has been fighting a bogus war on Christmas. This year a man burned down their Christmas tree.

Video of the torched tree:

NBC4 reported:

Police say the man acted alone, and the incident didn’t appear to be premeditated or politically motivated. Charges against him are pending.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

The News Corp. building on Avenue of the Americas just celebrated the Christmas tree on Sunday. It’s filled with 10,000 glass ornaments, 100,000 lights, and it took over 21 hours to put together. Crews were later seen taking down what was left of the tree.

The police really dropped the ball on this one.

How can they say that the attack was not politically motivated? Obviously, this was the war on Christmas being waged right outside the door of Fox News.

All sarcasm aside, there is something poetic about a network that has used Christmas as a divisive weapon for years, having their Christmas tree burned to the ground.

One should not burn down Christmas trees or steal Baby Jesus out of nativity scenes. 

Luckily no one was hurt in the Christmas tree fire, but I can’t wait to see the Fox and Friends gang standing guard with fire extinguishers now through New Year’s Day outside the building to prevent future War on Christmas attacks.

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