Matt Gaetz Promises Horrific and Chaotic Future if GOP Retakes the House

There is a presumption so strong that many Republicans are acting as though it has already happened, perhaps to their peril. They assume they are going to take over the House of Representatives and are already talking about their plans.

There have been promises to impeach Joe Biden, they will find some crime later. Some of them have promised to elect Donald Trump as Speaker, perhaps wanting people to believe that Trump could be both Speaker of the House and president at the same time. Republicans – especially Trump Republicans – are not generally bothered by the laws that could get in their way, but it is clearly against the law for anyone to work for two branches of government at the same time.

Now Matt Gaetz is going even further in talking about the plans already being made should the GOP-MAGAs retake the House. He is telling the public, which includes Kevin McCarthy, that those closest to Donald Trump will be the ones running the House in the most powerful committee, the House Oversight Committee. Gaetz promised:

“We are going to take power after this next election and when we do, it’s not going to be the days of Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy and no real oversight and no real subpoenas,” Gaetz said. “It’s going to be the days of Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dr. [Paul] Gosar and myself doing everything.”

Real subpoenas for what?

Yet again, they haven’t yet to find a crime or even an issue, but they are already promising to be inventing scandals and making the Biden administration bow to Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gaetz, Gosar, and other Qanon types. The most fortunate part of this promise is that they may well be right. Trump runs the GOP, at least in the House.  Those closest to Trump will get what they want.

It is absurd, but if Gaetz and his group continue to promise this future to the voters, they may just throw away the opportunity they have. There are moderate voters out there that would probably vote for some moderate GOP members. But if they continue to hear that their vote for the moderate GOP candidate will result in handing the House to the nuttiest of the nuts, they might ruin their plan altogether.

No Democrat should accept their plans as inevitable under any circumstances. But it is nice when Gaetz and company make it that much easier for Democrats.

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