Research Show Fox News Is Killing Republicans With COVID

Research has connected viewing Fox News with taking the pandemic less seriously, getting sick, and dying.

Professor Don Moynihan of Georgetown tweeted some of his findings:


While one’s first reaction might be that Fox News viewers are getting what they deserve for believing a news network over public health officials,  the reality is that COVID doesn’t care which cable news network a person watches.

Fox News viewers share the same community space that we all do. They work in our buildings. They shop at the same stores. Their kids go to school with vaccinated kids. If you go to church,  the person next to you could be an unvaccinated Fox News viewer.

Republicans are the vast majority of those who are dying from COVID, but Fox News viewers who are being told not to take the pandemic seriously are driving the community spread and making a lot of people sick.

Fox News is not only lying to its viewers. They are also killing them./

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