Coward Kevin McCarthy Isn’t Going To Punish Lauren Boebert

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy launched a cowardly attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and defended Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on Fox News.

Kevin McCarthy Smears Omar And Defends Boebert


McCarthy was asked about Islamaphobia and answered by smearing Rep. Omar on Fox News. He then portrayed Rep. Boebert as the victim, “You know what happened to a Republican who made a comment that they really didn’t truly believe. They apologized to the American public, and they apologized to the member personally. This is what the Democrats continue to do. Why doesn’t she (Pelosi) hold her members accountable?”

Kevin McCarthy Is A Weak Coward

Rep. Boebert’s apology was a non-apology apology, and when she called Rep. Omar, she smeared Omar again and demanded an apology from the Minnesota Congresswoman.

Minority Leader McCarthy is so weak and spineless that he is not willing to stand up to any member of his caucus. All McCarthy cares about is getting enough votes to be elected Speaker if Republicans take back the House.

McCarthy doesn’t understand that his weakness is about to be used against him, as the domestic terror-supporting extremists in his caucus view him as nothing and are going to run over him and destroy his speakership as soon as it begins.

House Democrats have introduced a resolution to kick Boebert off of her committee assignments and judging from McCarthy’s comments, they will have to act.

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