Fox News Cares More About Torched Christmas Tree Than Jan. 6 In Withering Supercut

The attack on the conservative network’s “All-American Christmas Tree” early Wednesday was a “serious incident,” Keilar acknowledged on Thursday’s broadcast of “New Day.”

“Obviously, it’s incredibly scary to feel your workplace is under attack unless… your workplace is the Capitol, then according to many, many Fox hosts it’s not such a big deal,” she said.

Keilar aired one montage of Fox personalities politicizing their destroyed tree, then another of them downplaying the deadly violence on Jan. 6.

“At Fox, when the target is a Christmas tree at their workplace, it is a sacrilege but when the target is the seat of American democracy, it’s not,” she said.

“Just imagine if Fox hosts could muster, for an armed attack on the Capitol, the same outrage that they did for their Christmas tree,” Keilar added. “Perhaps some of the almost half of Republicans who think Jan. 6 was a legitimate protest might actually see it for what it really was.”

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