Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson got matching tattoos

Cyrus and the “Saturday Night Live” comic were on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, where they talked about the upcoming New Year’s Eve special they’ll be hosting together. Then Cyrus revealed how the two ended up with matching tattoos.

The tats honor “The Baby Step,” a sketch the two appeared in dressed as “trap babies.”

“It was a very dark time in our lives,” Davidson joked. Cyrus added, “We were dressed as babies, everything seemed fun and fine.”

Cyrus said that Larry David, who was also in the sketch, asked what was going on, they both replied, “We babies.”

“At the end, our excuse for it all, you know, Larry David said, ‘What is going on?’ And we said, ‘We babies.’ And for some reason, we looked at each other and were like, ‘That’s a great tattoo,'” she said.

Davidson immediately texted his tattoo guy to come to 30 Rockefeller Center where they were filming, with Cyrus saying she “should have known that was sketch.”

“Before he pressed ‘send,’ the guy was there with needles, permanent ink,” she laughed.

Cyrus showed off her tattoo on her foot, only to discover that Davidson has since removed his.

“I burned mine off and you still have yours,” Davidson said, showing her his wrist.

Cyrus also sang a cover of “It Should Have Been Me,” changing the lyrics to “It should have been me / Pete, how did you do this to me?”

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