See Selena Gomez’s First ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 2 Outfits

Selena Gomez is back in New York City, shooting season 2 of Only Murders in the Building, and paparazzi has already captured her in two of her looks on set. So what kind of wardrobe will her character Mabel have in the show’s next installment? The clothes are very winter-ready and cozy-chic. Yesterday, Gomez paired a velvet jacket with a rust-colored turtleneck, dark pants, and orange boots:

selena gomez in new york city on december 07, 2021

James DevaneyGetty Images

On Dec. 6, she was photographed wearing a cream coat, green plaid blazer, green top, black pants, and black boots:

selena gomez in new york city on december 06, 2021

GothamGetty Images

Only Murders in the Building creator John Hoffman spoke with during an October Twitter Spaces event about what’s up next for Gomez’s Mabel, along with Oliver (Martin Short) and Charles (Steve Martin): “They’re all in the hot seat,” he teased. “They’ve all stepped in it, and Mabel is certainly even a bit more in the spotlight. The opportunity that might come from that is what’s intriguing to us as we go into a season two. Mabel’s life is going to get a little bit bigger in season 2.”

Hoffman also hinted at what to expect next season. “What’s going to be interesting in season 2—not to tip off too much—but there’s a bit of an expansion to all their stories,” he said. “In New York, it doesn’t take long for an interesting story to make headlines. So there is an expansion happening around everything in their lives and in the podcast. I think there’s something in there that might help us expand the show, maybe beyond the building, in future seasons.”

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